Happy 4th Of July Fireworks DC | Things To Do In Washington DC

4th Of July Fireworks DC

When it’s 4th of July, and you are living in Washington DC, then it means you are going to witness a fun night. Americans love to celebrate festivals, and when it comes to Fourth of July, many people gather together to share this great experience because there was a time in the past when we didn’t have any choice. However, our ancestors have fought for our country and even sacrificed their lives so that we can get what they always wanted and that’s “freedom”. If you are going to be in Washington DC for 2019 4th of July then here are some couple of things which you can do enjoy this great day in the capital of the USA.

4th Of July Fireworks DC

4th Of July Fireworks DC

4th Of July Fireworks At National Mall, Washington DC

If there’s one thing which is hugely famous in this city, then it’s 4th of July fireworks DC. Every year you can come and enjoy the beautiful show of happy fourth of July fireworks DC at National Mall. The famous firework shows begin in the night where thousands of people come together to watch and enjoy the beautiful scenery of America’s independence day.

4th Of July Fireworks DC 2019

4th Of July Fireworks DC 2019

How Can I Come Watch Fireworks At National Mall?

If you are coming to Washington DC to watch the fourth of July fireworks, then one thing which you will need to know is how you can reach to the National Mall. One of the best ways to get to the National Mall is by taking the metro. There are many meros which runs on that day, which will take you to the destiny. The nearby stations include Smithsonian, Metro Center, Gallery Place–Chinatown, Judiciary Square, Federal Triangle, and L’Enfant Plaza.

It takes around 90 minutes to two hours to get out of the National Mall so when you are coming to watch 4th of July fireworks DC make sure you are coming with preparation.

When To Visit National Mall to Watch Fireworks?

Since many people are going to on the fourth of July fireworks DC. Festival, it would be hard for you to reach to the national mall if you come late. The gates of the mall start opening at 10 a.m. All the visitors who are coming will have to go through various security checkpoints for the purpose of safety. Before you are coming to the Washington DC make sure about the weather because sometimes organizers cancel the show if there’s any heavy rain, storm or any other natural calamity.

What Are the Best Place To Watch 4th of July Fireworks DC?

Since the national mall is going to be full of thousands of people, you can still have a great view of this show if you know where you should be at that time. Hee is the list of places where you shall be to enjoy the beauty of fireworks show of Washington DC, so give it a closer look.

U.S. Capitol
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
FDR Memorial
East Potomac Park
Rooftop bars in Washington, D.C.
The W Hotel rooftop (tickets required)
Anywhere along the National Mall between 14th Street and the Capitol

Now, these places are great to see the fireworks because you will get bright and full of view of those beautiful things. Sometimes people because of hurry can’t get to the national mall and if that happened with you then don’t worry because by reach to one of the places mentioned above you can enjoy the beauty of happy 4th of July fireworks D.C.

Other Things To Do At Fireworks Night In Washington DC

Since there are many different programmes will be going on around you can always enjoy one of the following things.

Enjoy National Independence Day Parade

Every year in the city the national day independence day parade happens in which some people participate to show their talents and give respect to our country for giving them the opportunity. You can watch this grand parade in the city along with many other countrymen. This parade will feature marching bands, military, select units and many other things. The show is going to be crowded; it’s advisable to come as early as possible. It starts at 11:45 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.

4th of July Washington DC Fireworks Parade

4th of July Washington DC Fireworks Parade

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

If you are a fan of music and dancing, then you can also Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This festival includes music, dance performance and storytelling. Many people like to enjoy the company of other people who come to this festival and get the taste of new songs and dance.

Fourth of July At The National Archives

When it comes to enjoying the happy independence day differently, national archives beat every other place into it. The National Archives celebrates independence with special programmes which will be dedicated to the national signing of independence. There will be patriotic music and free family activities and entertainment by U.S. military bands at the National Archive. So if you want to enjoy other places when before you go to the final shows of fireworks then you could visit it also.

Final Words

So this is how you can watch the 4th of July fireworks DC and enjoy it with other people. You can also enjoy the beautiful functions like parade, music festival too in this city. If you have any doubt or plans regarding 4th of July fireworks, the show then you can leave us a comment, and we will be happy to help you out.


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